Around The World With Lost Frequencies: Tokyo, Dubai + New York

Belgian born Lost Frequencies has solidified his presence throughout dance music and the wider music scene with tremendous musical successes such as ‘Are You With Me’ and ‘Reality’. The 27 year old has since followed up those two releases with a number of impressive singles and albums. With 2020 being quite the road block in a artist’s career, Lost Frequencies has however capitalized on his increased downtime with feats such as a magical set at the Royal Palace in Brussels, a terrific EP called Cup of Beats as well as expanding outside of the world of music with his own brand of gin.

Lost Frequencies joins us for our Around The World feature as he dives into three special locations. He takes us to Tokyo, Dubai and New York and expands on why the cities are meaningful to him.



The first time I went to Japan, I was just blown away. Every time I’ve been over to the Eastern side of the world, it’s the things we don’t see here in Europe that really shows how differently they do things and to experience new cultures is one of my favourite parts of travelling.

Every turn in a street will be a new discovery and there is always new people to meet – of course, I know the nightlife through what I do better than anything else they have to offer. My first show there was at AgeHa which is for sure one of the best clubs in the whole of Tokyo, it has four different dancefloors and an insane lighting/ sound set-up that really pushes the scene over there to give fans the best possible experience. My team and I felt really lucky to be able to have some time off to explore, even seeing the Shibuya crossing in-person was like something you only ever see in movies! I love sushi, it’s one of my favourite foods so there is no place fresher, that does it better, than Tokyo. Even trying the simple Mochi from 7/11 over there was so good!

I enjoy how the Japanese never lose an excitement for fantasy and escapism, manga is really big over there and so is gaming and I am a bit of a geek with that stuff. We also went GoKarting and got to dress up as some video game characters which was really fun – I was Yoshi, the dinosaur from Super Mario, my tour manager was Piccolo and we also had a Pikachu and Mario on our team. The best part was how it was street tour karting, so it wasn’t on a specific, closed-off track, we got to ride around special roads reserved for the karts around the city so it was a unique way to explore that I would recommend to anyone visiting who wants to make some memories.


United Arab Emirates

Another amazing place I was lucky enough to play at, and I’ve returned many times since, was Dubai. It is totally mindblowing to all of your senses when you visit, all of the regal buildings and beautiful beaches are a contrast I’ve not really seen to the same level anywhere else, but it’s great to explore the two sides it has to offer as a city. I remember one visit, I started my day skydiving and it was totally better than what I even expected – the point we launched out of the plane we were directly above The Palm Islands across the Arabian Gulf which is so crazy to see so high up! The formations are beautiful and people say you can see them from space. ZeroGravity is a club right on the marina that is the best in Dubai that I’ve been lucky enough to play at a few times now, it has stunning sea views and you can catch all the amazing architecture there, too. The Dubai way of partying is a really young crowd that are very energetic and receptive, I can really take my sound a bit deeper over there as there is not just locals but a lot of ExPat’s and European people travel there for holidays, so the nightlife is a big part of the whole holiday/ trip experience for that. If you can visit Dubai, you really must!

New York

United States of America

The energy of this city is just insane. You get a taste of not just America, because there’s so many different people from different cultures living there, you actually get to meet people from all around the world and feel the influence of that in a fun, powerful city. I’ve played at Marquee, Webster Hall and a lot of other clubs there but Brooklyn Steel was the final show of the US leg, of my first-ever live tour back in 2019. I remember it was a few weeks before Halloween so as you can imagine, the city was freezing cold but we still managed to catch lots of cool sites. I like Brooklyn as it’s a little more “hip” and down to earth than, say, Manhattan, but there are many amazing pockets to New York. You can get amazing tacos and latin food in Queens, and then go to Bowery for a pastrami deli sandwich from Katz’s or Milk bar for dessert – a lot of the iconic places here are iconic for a reason, like lunch at Butcher’s Daughter! They have a few locations I think but I like the West Village spot, a great place to re-energize on tour with lots of smoothies, juices and big salads – I love a burger but it’s also so important to eat healthily on tour to avoid fatigue. They say New York is the city that never sleeps because it has something for everyone…

Dive into some of Lost Frequenices best music below as well as his awesome set at the gin distillery.




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