Around The World with MOJI: China, India, Thailand + Indonesia

As a new era in dance music emerges, Australia’s masked mystery is paving the way. MOJI launched his producer career in 2018 with ‘Dream Forever’ on NCS which achieved more than 1 million streams on the day of release. In 2020 MOJI has released a number of singles including ‘One of a Kind’ with Vargenta, which captured the support of Hardwell, Dash Berlin, Oliver Heldens and many more.

On the back of MOJI’s musical success he has toured internationally since 2018 to many locations that he dives into today with our Around The World feature. MOJI takes us through a number of territories and what makes them so special.


China was my first real international tour I ever did. I had played international shows before but they were just one off bookings here and there. This was the first time I was going to be traveling from city to city playing shows outside of Australia. It was such a surreal experience, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! China is huge, every single show I played was in a city with a population larger than my whole country. The shows were amazing, every venue went all out with MOJI posters, cardboard cutouts and lots of other merch. It was also the first time I really noticed anyone actually supporting the brand which was super nice to see. For me China offers the best clubbing experience in the world, every venue you go to reminds me of something out of Las Vegas. I was scheduled to do a 3 month tour starting from Dec 2020 however unfortunately due to COVID we weren’t able to proceed with the tour. It’s the top of the list for me when it comes to touring and I’ll be back there as soon as possible.

Fav Food: Roast Duck and Hong Kong Fried Rice
Fav City: Shanghai
Fav Show: Playhouse or EDC Club


I’ve been lucky enough to tour India twice now (2019 & 2020). This country is such a strange place the contrast between rich and poor is just crazy and always leaves me feeling very lucky and thankful for growing up in Australia. India has it all when it comes to dance music from huge EDM festivals to tiny underground techno parties, but one thing is for sure, they absolutely love to let loose. The people there go crazy every show, especially if you play a little Bollywood! Besides the shows my favourite part of India is the food and culture, it’s really a whole other world.

Fav Food: Dosa
Fav City: Hyderabad
Fav Show: College Parties!


Thailand is arguably my favourite country in the world, not so much for touring but it’s just got everything from amazing beaches, shopping, culture and of course an epic dance music scene. I’ve made 4 trips to Thailand, 2 of them to play at Ark Bar’s famous NYE beach party which is probably the biggest show I’ve played to date. Picture almost 10,000 people going crazy on a beach with fire dancers, fireworks and the strongest drinks you’ll ever have. It’s one hell of a party. Apart from the tropical Koh Samui, Bangkok is always epic too. No matter what you want, you can get it in Bangkok. I was lucky to play in Bangkok for Songkran 2019. Songkran is Thai New Year which happens early April. People line the streets with water pistols and hoses and literally just spray everyone and everything. The celebration lasts for 3 days I think and runs alongside some huge festival club events.

Fav Food: Yellow Curry & Coconut Rice
Fav City: Bangkok
Fav Show: Ark Bar Beach Club


I toured Indonesia for the first time earlier this year (Jan 2020) and it was such a surprise. I really didn’t know anything about Indonesia apart from Bali before the tour. It was a really cool experience. The fans there are fanatical and it’s great they just want be in everything so it makes the shows pretty crazy. The whole country is pretty much one big tropical paradise, basically anywhere near the ocean is picture perfect. I loved it so much I decided to relocate permanently to Bali and am still based here currently.

Fav Food: Nasi Uduk (Fried Chicken, noodles and potato with coconut rice)
Fav City: Bali
Fav Show: Shelter Club

MOJI with his brand new helmet, yet to be used at any performances.

MOJI’s recent collaboration with Kevu ‘Empire of the Dragons’ is out now! Be sure to listen below.

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