Around The World With Monolink

Monolink has managed to remain one of the most dynamic melodic techno selectors on the scene, tastefully straddling the fence of electronic producer and live singer-songwriter – incorporating the beat and groove of electronic music into his compositions, creating the ultimate examples of melodic dance music. That is ever present with his latest single ‘The Prey’, his first single of 2021 and the third drop from his upcoming album due later in the year. The single sees the German producer explore an increasingly melancholic approach relative to his previous two works.

Today Monolink celebrates ‘The Prey’ release by taking on our Around The World feature. Monolink details multiple places that he has enjoyed over the years from holidaying to touring. Dive in below and you may just find your next holiday location.



Going to Argentina and playing at La Estación in Córdoba is one of my all time highlights. The vibe and the people there were one of a kind. When they lit the fireworks for the main drop of my last track (without telling me before) I had goosebumps all over.

Burning Man

Black Rock Desert

Going to Burning Man was in many ways special for me. One beautiful moment was finding this dusty old piano somewhere in the middle of nowhere and playing a tune on it.



Cairo is one of the most intense and interesting cities I’ve been to, also one of the very few shows I was able to play this year. Seeing the pyramids was certainly a highlight, learning about Egypt’s ancient civilisation and its remaining unsolved mysteries.

San Diego


Looking at this photo takes me back immediately. I spent a whole day sitting by the coast watching the waves and Pelicans fly by. If you’re ever to visit California, San Diego should not be missed.



Tepoz is a beautiful little town surrounded by amazing rock formations, about two hours away from Mexico City. The streets are small and super colorful, the food is delicious and when you take a hike up the mountain you get a stunning view from an ancient Maya temple.

Be sure to check out Monolink – The Prey




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