Around The World With Shawn Wasabi: Cebu, Bangkok & Singapore

YouTube has given birth to many stars. A list that includes Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber. Another name that will soon join those ranks is Shawn Wasabi, the master of the Midi Controller.

He first made his breakthrough by uploading his live mash-ups “Pizza Rolls“, “Hotto Dogu“, “Mac n’ Cheese“, and “Burnt Rice“. All have garnered millions of plays and led to the eventual collaboration with Michael Mitchell to build the Midi Fighter 64 controller, the tool that Shawn would use to break the record for most samples fused into a single track.

Shawn’s prodigious talent would not go unnoticed. It would soon land him signed with Warner Records and Justin Tranter, an award-winning songwriter whose credits include: Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber. It is under their tutelage that has Shawn primed for stardom.

Recently, Shawn released his single and music video for “SNACK” featuring the vocals of raychel jay. The song continues Shawn’s connection to food culture that often underpins most of his work. It is this connection that brings Shawn and his experiences to CULTR where he becomes the second artist to take us “around the world”. He sends us soaring and has us bouncing between the stunning environments of Cebu, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Without further adieu, Shawn Wasabi’s Around The World.



Cebu is where my family in the Philippines lives and is also the most beautiful place in the world that I know. The island is made up of beautiful green jungles and colorful buildings. Also, the nicest and most accommodating people live there. Plus – the FOOD! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a Kamayan feast with a bunch of Filipinos. Most of the mangoes in the world come from here. My song “MANGO LOVE” was inspired by Cebu! My stage production is also inspired by the jungle of Cebu. 



Bangkok is such an interesting and overwhelmingly cool city. The street food is so good. The train is fun to ride, and the night markets are fun to explore. I love walking through malls in Asia, and Bangkok has some of my favorites. Check out Siam Paragon. Get the little coconut pancake things from a food stall. I think they’re called Kanom Krok. I had the best pad thai ever from a night market outside the Siam Paragon. I also got mango sticky rice and a hot crispy roti from different food stalls on Khaosan road.

I took this in the Siam Paragon mall because I wanted to write a song about it. – Shawn


Republic of Singapore

I coincidentally visited Singapore shortly after seeing the movie Crazy Rich Asians (which I LOVED). They have the coolest airport in the world. I also love walking through Orchard Road; it has a bunch of high-fashion malls right next to each other as well as really delicious food if you know where to look. Singapore is beautiful and clean and rich. I would retire here if I retired in my 30’s [haha]. I love the fashion in Singapore.

Now that we’ve learned about Shawn’s connection to food culture and travel it’s time to experience “SNACK” and hear how his influences impact his sound. Be warned, it’s a very infectious bop that will creep into listeners’ brain stems where it will stay latched for days, if not weeks.

The music video adds to the whimsical flair of “SNACK” and serves exquisitely as the visual lynchpin. Set amongst the Los Angeles backdrop, the video features world-class chef Roy Choi, founders of the popular bubble tea spot, Boba Guys, and YouTube icon, Guava Juice. As it deserves, it’s destined to bring another million plus views to the burgeoning artist.

Scroll down for Shawn Wasabi’s “SNACK”, the perfect hors d’oeuvres for the ears.

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