Around The World With Vintage Culture: Ibiza, Burning Man + More

Vintage Culture has risen to the top of the house world over the past few years. With over 1.5 billion steams, Vintage Culture has certainly earned his place in the dance music world and is sure to continue to be very prominent for the foreseeable future. He is already beginning to be seen on all the major lineups around the world. Today, The talented Brizilian joins us to take us around the world to places that are special to him. Dive in below to learn more.


In the Summertime, Ibiza becomes a paradise for musicians, producers and DJs.

The sound of music wakes you in the morning and is the last sound you hear at night. Walking through town  classic dance tracks echo through the alleys and streets.

One brushes shoulders with legends and great newcomers in electronic music.

In 2022 I have the privilege of a residency at Hi Ibiza and rented a house on the island.  Ibiza has become a second home for me.

The friends I’ve made this year I hope to stay in touch with for the rest of my life.

BURNING MAN, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

Without phones. computers or internet, Burning Man helps you live in the moment and enjoy the experience that surrounds you.

It is a place where inhibitions disappear and people are free to express themselves in any way they choose.

Artists from a variety of mediums come together and share their work. It is a surreal mix, where real life meets fantasy.

For me, Burning Man is a spiritual and creative experience… Something I look forward to every year.


Las Vegas is built for fun. Vegas is like an oasis in the desert.

After 18 months of lock down, we all need a little bit of Vegas in our lives.

The fans come to the shows to hear great music and forget the world for a night or weekend.

Las Vegas is a great escape- the perfect place to unwind and let yourself go. Through my residency with Tao Group’s Marquee Club, I’m lucky enough to visit this great town every week and it keeps getting better.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I’ve traveled the world, visited more countries than ever before, but there is no place like home.

My best friends, family and my Corgi are all waiting to welcome me when I arrive. This is the best feeling in the world.  Being away for so long only makes me appreciate this beautiful city even more.

Many of the music fans that helped build my career live in Sao Paulo. The people I trust the most are here. I’ve traveled the world in 2022 and loved every minute, but coming back to a home filled with love is irreplaceable.

See below for Vintage Culture’s latest single with MEDUZA as well as his mammoth six hour set at Space Miami.

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