Artic White Unveils Spiritual Journey with New EP ‘LIBERA’ on ‘Where The Heart Is’ Label

Artic White’s latest EP, LIBERA, is making waves on the organic house scene with its release on the renowned label ‘Where The Heart Is.’ His 2024 releases have been met with acclaim, earning support from influential names like Lost Desert, Tim Green, David Hohme, and Amonita. Artic White is establishing a fresh sound and brand, which has put him on a proper growth track.

Artic White’s journey into the organic house scene has been nothing short of transformative. After discovering this genre, he began to blend orchestral tones with experimental synths and groovy rhythms, defining a unique signature sound. His background as a composer allows him to re-arrange organic elements with a brilliant progressive edge, employing subtle piano melodies and light cinematic vibes that transport listeners into a soothing, melodic realm.

The EP’s title track, “LIBERA,” and “SIRENE,” offer a spiritual experience. The melodies and exotic drum work envelop the listener, showcasing Artic White’s immersive style and signature sound.




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