Arty Pays Tribute To Avicii With Track ‘For Tim’

After Avicii’s sudden and unfortunate passing, many DJ’s held tributes for their friend Tim; like Kygo getting an Avicii tattoo. Arty on the other hand, produced a record appropriately titled ‘For Tim’. This was obviously a difficult track to produce, with many emotions influencing the final product. 

This record is a perfect mix of Arty’s unique sound as well as aspects of Avicii’s trademark melodic piano sounds. As with most Arty and Alpha 9 (Arty’s trance alias) tracks, it’s going to be a very quality production.

No details surrounding release are known, however it seems Arty has just begun to play it publicly. Don’t be surprised to see it released within the next couple months, under either ‘Arty’ or ‘Alpha 9’.

I made a song for my friend and played it the first time last night. I could barely hold my tears…
I can’t wait to share it with you pic.twitter.com/iuhvEcj0nw

— ARTY (@artymusic) June 16, 2018




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