ARTY Ushers In The Summer With 'Sunshine'

In the EDM community, it's more of a fact than an opinion that everything ARTY touches turns into gold. Well, just like sunshine itself, ARTY's newest single, "Sunshine", is golden and brilliant. A warm, buzzing tune continues ARTY's expedition into the more old-school, groovy house sound, which started with Save Me Tonight.

Beginning with a catchy vocal riff, the breezy and soulful melody is introduced via a vibrant piano, an instrument which remains the unquestionable highlight throughout the tune. The drop is his signature sound design with a burst of white noise, a strong, punchy kick and dazzling cymbals.

While the energy in this track is contagious, it's apparent that ARTY's productions focus on the vibe and not the festival fit; this allows them to flow smoother for a more feels-filled listening experience.

ARTY's unbelievable pursuit for both quality and quantity, as well as his adept juggling between his ARTY and Alpha 9 monikers keeps his growing fan-base more than satisfied, and allows for creative juices to flow unbridled.

Make sure you check out the single below!