ARTY Stuns With Remix For Gorgon City & MK, ‘There For You’

At this point, looking through his discography, ARTY is almost synonymous with quality. He’s vacillated between the old-school groovy chord progressions and his own euphoric ones, but in every record of his, the production and emotional appeal is nonpareil. With this remix of the original old-school melodic house record, ‘There For You’, ARTY goes back to his roots and pulls out his recipe for euphoria,┬ádelivering a masterful product.

The vocals headline the track, a catchy chorus playing over and over again throughout the entirety of the song. The buildup is signature ARTY, but the drop even more so: a sweet pluck takes the lead over a white-noise-filled, lilting soundscape. ARTY uses a gritty bassline which beautifully complements the airy highs, driving the energy behind the track, while the melody more than suffices for the emotional appeal.

Another spectacular addition to the ARTY discography, this remix of There For You is sure to go down as one of his best, and perhaps even my favorite tune he’s released this year. Check out this tune as part of my personally-curated playlist here!

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