Ashley Wallbridge Drops Evan Henzi-Assisted, Meaningful Record, ‘Still Alive’

Songwriting is an art in and of itself, and many times, it’s true stories which serve as inspiration behind the lyrics you hear on the radio. Progressive trance maestro Ashley Wallbridge’s latest record is a prime example, written following a serious complication with meningitis. ‘Still Alive’ invites Evan Henzi to deliver some heartfelt lyrics, co-written by none other than Gareth Emery, which are seeping with both passion and compassion.

The outpour of support that Ashley received during his fight against meningitis prompted the lyrics, “If I make it out and I’m still alive / I’ll come back for you, help you to survive”. Ashley’s gratefulness and empathy is no clearer seen than in ‘Still Alive’, proving the charming ability of music to communicate emotion like nothing else can.

Musically, the production carries with it the signature Ashley Wallbridge sound, with ethereal pads and treble-boosted FX. Its melody carries the track through, catchy and memorable. It’s a record that’s suited both for the feels and for casual radio listening, as versatile as it is indelible.

A fantastic addition to the Wallbridge discography (and probably the most meaningful one too), his first release of 2020 is powerful and oozing with emotion, just like a proper trance ballad should be.




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