ATLiens Make Sure You Don’t Forget About Jeffrey Epstein at EDC Orlando

After being found dead in his jail cell on August 10th, the internet has been riled up about alleged cover-ups and conspiracies surrounding the serial sexual predator’s coincidental passing. Many have derided the mainstream media for lack-luster coverage of the incident and have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness over this potential corruption.

After their set on November 10th, the anonymous Atlanta-based bass music group ATLiens became the first to perpetuate this topic on a large festival scale. When their visuals ended and the music stopped, the screens behind the stage displayed in plain text, “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.” The duo hasn’t made any more comments on the matter aside from retweeting a few generic fan responses to their stunt.

When it comes to holding people like those surrounding Jeffrey Epstein accountable, everyone has their role to play. EDM has always been a place for pushing bold ideas and with the political climate more volatile than ever, the importance of activism and raising awareness cannot be understated. 





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