ATTLAS Releases Stunning Sophomore Album ‘Out Here With You’

Talented Canadian product ATTLAS released his debut album Lavender God earlier this year and already, he is back with another album titled Out Here With You to close out the year.

Making music for the times, ATTLAS’ Out Here With You is a mellifluous breath of air. He traverses through motifs of helplessness and unfettering positivity in times needed the most. A euphonious blend of each imposing facet of the producers impressive playbook, Out Here With You is ATTLAS at his musical best.

An empowering ode to looking for moments of goodness, Out Here With You is the wondrous second studio offering from mau5trap’s first ever label signee.

“‘Out Here With You’ is a chance to catch my breath amidst this all. Calmer and more hopeful; it is the result of the small areas of positivity we can still control this year, like fresh air and adventures with my best friend. This album is as much for and about her and us as it is all of us. If there’s a helplessness you feel, I’m out here with you and likewise these hopeful melodies are a reflection of simple rays of light that shine through the smallest of cracks during this dark time.” – ATTLAS




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