ATYYA Guides Future Artists In EDM Course: ‘The Producers Portal’

Since his debut as an artist more than 15 years ago, ATYYA has reached incredible of DJing and production. Through his unique fusion of organic soundscapes and bass, ATYYA has garnered over 10 million streams on Spotify alone. Additionally, he has toured internationally for nine years, hitting popular festivals like Shambhala, Sol Fest, and Gem & Jam. Now, ATYYA is bringing something new and exciting to the people, unveiling his electronic music course, The Producers Portal.

Back when ATYYA first got into creating EDM, he was completely lost in how to do so. He spent countless hours researching methods and tutorials but there was a ton of misleading information on the internet. With the combined resources of YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms, it was still very challenging to discover the best approach. Over time, ATYYA was able to forge the optimal framework for music production, resulting from heavy amounts of trial and error, collaboration, and contemplation.

Opening doors for upcoming producers, ATYYA has taken all his wisdom and put it into The Producers Portal. Highly detailed and thorough, the course dissects his process step-by-step to make his teachings easy to understand and apply. The Producers Portal is designed to give artists an edge and lead them to the same heights of success that ATYYA has summited.

To learn more about The Producers Portal, click here. This is unlike other courses out there and can truly change the direction of one’s career if used properly.





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