ATYYA Drops Meaningful ‘Odyssey’ Album With Plenty To Explore

ATYYA knows how to mix it up, made apparent by his 8-track ODYSSEY album now available for full listening. The album articulates a graceful blend of genres ranging from experimental bass, downtempo, ambient, and more. The entirety of the experience is chilled and balanced, while delivering kicks of energy here and there for good measure.

Some personal favorites going on were “Waterfall” and “Stay.” The former exhibits a blissful downtempo flow with a euphoric vocal, thus easing the tension in the room. Strings instruments and light electronic backing the topline in motion As for “Stay,” the vibrations get more key-heavy and mellow. The single is positioned as introverted and delivers waves of emotion through it’s simplicity and groove. The experience is down-right trippy and easy to return to, well-produced, mixed, and mastered all around, (and as for the LP as a whole).

ATYYA is based out of Canada and also known as Tyy Clark. Launching ATYYA is 2012, but having been producing since 2006, he’s quite capable in the studio, behind the decks, and has a keen scene of electronic music culture and where he fits in it. To date, he’s released over 100 tracks garnering over 10 million plays. He’s tour multiple continents, including countries such as North America, Russia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and many others.

ATYYA also founded his own mastering company, Production Labs, which has worked over 1000 songs in the last 5 years.

This just scratches the surface of what ATYYA has experienced or accomplished in his music career, ODYSSEY being the next iteration of where he’s at in his musical journey.




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