Audien Breaks Down His New Album “ESCAPISM”

Audien is a one-of-a-kind talent. His reign in electronic music has been exciting to analyze. Exploding into one of the brightest young talents to rise has now formed into much more. Now with years of experience under his belt, it feels as if every moment has led up to the release of his debut album “Escapism.” The 11-track project sends a message across of just how much Audien has transformed as not just a producer, but an artist, songwriter, and story teller.

With all that being said though, what better way to pinpoint the significance of this album than to hear it from the artist himself. Hear the story of how he put this all together in the track-by-track breakdown below.

See You On The Other Side

“This was the intro track of the album, really special! I wanted to start from almost nothing and build into energy. The melodies are really “me”. “


“Reach to me is the most special song on the album. Jamie’s voice is absolutely perfect and very unique. The lyrics really touched me when I first heard them and I think a lot of people resonate with this song.”


“This one is that classic Audien sound! Nomra is a really talented producer, and we make a similar style of music, so the blend was perfect!”


“Buzzing is a song about the regret of a breakup, which I’ve been dealing with recently. It’s a tough place to be, but I think a lot of people will relate to it. I love these melodies too.”

Favorite Sound

“This song is a big bucket list song for me. I wanted to work with Echosmith for years, and I finally did! They’re so talented. I think the song ended up being the perfect blend of sounds, and lyrically, it’s truly empowering.”

Over It

“This is that classic Audien break up song. We all need one now and then, but I kept the vibe upbeat and happy because it’s all about moving on and staying positive.”


“Heaven is extremely special. I actually have been working on this song for years. These are some of my favorite lyrics ever, and I think a lot of people will connect with this. So many people have lost someone, and the idea of communicating with them again is hopeful. This song unlocks some buried emotions I think.”


“Dreams is a feel-good song. That traditional Audien sound, but with some newer elements that I haven’t tried. Axis is an awesome producer who has a really unique trance sound. I knew I wanted to work with him last year when I heard some of his songs on Enhanced!”

Something Greater

“This is a nod to one of my biggest and most important records. I didn’t want to leave this out.” 


“Rollercoaster is such a unique song I think! It’s so hard to classify what it is. Lyrically it speaks to me deeply, and I can relate in a big way. I’ve been there.”

Sleep Paralysis

“This is the last song on the album, which feels a bit solemn. It really is like, a winter song. I wanted people to be left on a melancholic note. There are no lyrics but I think the melodies do all of the talking.”





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