Audien, William Black & Tia Tia Collide For Vibrant Single ‘Would You Even Know’

Combining Audien’s distinctive progressive house style with William Black’s melodic bass approach, ‘Would You Even Know’ delivers a one-of-a-kind, dynamic track that is both emotionally moving and invigorating. This collaboration between the two artists originated from a chance encounter backstage during a Vegas show and has since become an unforgettable moment in music history. The song exemplifies the remarkable power of teamwork, showcasing how two gifted musicians can unite their talents to create something truly extraordinary. Tia Tia’s mesmerizing vocals elevate the track, evoking a profound sense of longing and appreciation for someone dear to your heart. For those seeking an uplifting musical journey, this song is an absolute must-listen.

“This collab was so natural. When two artists who stay true to their sound come together, and their sounds are quite different, something unique always comes. It’s tough to classify what kind of song this is but I love the result. William’s a great guy and Tia is the songstress we needed for it”. – Audien

‘Would You Even Know’ follows Audien’s marquee performances at New York City’s Avant Gardner, Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland, and Miami Music Week. In February of 2023, Audien released ‘Antidote’, a captivating progressive house anthem in collaboration with Codeko, featuring the remarkable vocals of Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter-producer JT Roach.

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