Audiofreq Releases Energetic Hardstyle Single ‘Head Split’

Since birth, Audiofreq has been destined for musical greatness. Also known as one-half of the monumental duo Bioweapon, this imaginative artist has risen from Sydney’s famed underground music culture to dominating the Australian hardstyle scene. From there, Audiofreq signed with some of the top labels in his genre. His infectious on-stage energy, seamless mixing abilities, and raw explosiveness in his sound design have turned heads across the entire electronic scene.

Over the span of Audiofreq’s solo project, he has received support from top-tier artists, such as Headhunterz, Kutski, Technoboy, and Noisecontrollers. With mesmerizing tracks, like “The 9th Gate” and “Resurrection”, Audiofreq has accumulated millions of streams on Spotify alone. Now, this prominent producer returns with a brand new track that is overflowing with auditory power. Released, on the prestigious label Dirty Workz, “Head Split” takes EDM fans on a rollercoaster ride of captivating buildups and deafening drops.

Starting off with a futuristic sequence of chord progressions and interstellar effects, “Head Split” immediately engages its audience. Suddenly, spellbinding vocals are thrown into the mix, taking full control of listeners and making them jump up and down in excitement. Then the drops it, detonating a barrage of hardstyle and a fast-paced bassline. This track does exactly as its title foreshadows, bending the minds of anyone who comes in contact with it. “Head Split” highlights Audiofreq’s signature sound and pure creativity as one of hardstyle’s most renowned artists.






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