Australia Reveals $345 Million Live Performance Industry Recovery Package

Australia has luckily come out of the pandemic relatively well, with citizens and businesses almost back to normal now. One industry that has not yet returned is the live performance industry. Live Performance Australia have now announced a $345 million package to rebuild and recover from the recent loss of funds and jobs.

In 2018, Australia’s concert industry was worth AUD $2 billion in ticket sales alone. However, according to a report from Digital Music News, the Australian music sector has lost AUD $340 million this year following sweeping cancellations in the wake of COVID-19.

The main focus in the $345 million would be the Business Reactivation Fund, which makes up $90 million. This will kick start live events as well as ensure it is done and in COVID safe manner.

$75 million of the funds will go towards bringing consumers to the events, with $15m in marketing as well as $60m in vouchers to consumers to attend the events, the initiative has been dubbed ‘See It Live’.

“As we enter the 12th week of shutdowns due to the public health response, it’s well and truly time for the federal government to get behind Australia’s arts and entertainment industry and deliver a comprehensive and properly funded plan so our world-class industry can get back to work” – Live Performance Australia CEO Evelyn Richardson

You can delve into the proposal in full below:




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