Armin van Buuren Teams Up With Luke Bond And Karra For The Mighty ‘Revolution’

Armin van Buuren is a gift that keeps on giving. His newest tune, Revolution sees him faithfully perform his missionary-like duties as the ambassador of trance music by helping spread an energetic trance sound that Luke Bond is known for pioneering. Armin van Buuren seems to be a big fan of massive team ups, evidenced by his Above & Beyond collaboration, and Revolution is no different.

In a bigroom-psy blend of trance, the trio display the power of their synergistic talents, as Armin and Luke handle the blistering drops, while Karra captivates listeners with her resounding melodies in the break. With an infectious melody that has kept crowds’ hands in the air with each festival play and a massive, tight drop which has made those hands move in unison, Revolution stays true to its lyrical refrain, both in terms of this new trance sound, as well as its worldwide promulgation.

A collaboration kept in the dark for the better part of a year, Revolution is finally available for streaming worldwide; check it out below! You can also find it on this author’s weekly New Music Friday Spotify playlist!




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