Aweminus’ Newest Single “Stogned” Catches Us All By Surprise

Most are familiar with Aweminus (Brandon Famini) for his hard-hitting dubstep, riddim, and sometimes even drum ‘n’ bass. On April 17th, the producer decided to venture outside the box, surprising the bass music community with a stunning offering titled “Stogned.”

Truly coloring outside the lines with “Stogned” (pronounced ‘stoned’), it is definitely not your typical 140 BPM tune. With this single, Aweminus delivers an upbeat, bouncy record that drives a gritty bassline to rattle your eardrums. It’s fun, it’s energetic, and above all, it’s got Aweminus’ signature style written all over it.

Of course, there’s always some backlash from those monotone fans who don’t appreciate a little variation here and there; but there were also many others who were excited with the experimentation going on at camp Aweminus. A master of many styles, it’s safe to say that whatever the Never Say Die signee is willing to experiment with, we’re here for it.


Gaby Lara
Gaby Lara
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