BAILO Drops Extensive ‘TRAPPED OUT II’ ON DJ Craze’s Slow Roast Records

The golden years of the trap movement are brought back to life thanks to BAILO’s now fully-revealed TRAPPED OUT II EP. 6 tracks long, the single brings back many of the sounds that were hot during the peak of the phenomenon, BAILO blending in his own signature style with what ends up to be a heavy, epic bass experience not for the faint of heart.

Before the release of the EP on November 12th, “EAGLE VZN,” was dropped as a tease of the action to come, the track being an eclectic representation of the cataclysmic nature that is well-woven into this beastly experience.

All the hallmarks of club-ready, jaw dropping trap are present. Grit-infused synths which grinds with a certain feverish infectiousness match up sprinkled hi-hats, thick 808’s, brass stabs, plus so much more.

Based out of Queens, a borough of NYC, but currently residing in Houston, it was the age of 21 and the exposure to trap music that motivated BAILO to put his own twist on the genre. A remix of “How Deep Is Your Love,” by Calvin Harris, helped him break into the scene and the rest is history, his career going next level and his life never being the same.

After touring for quite some time and adapting to the status quo of bass music of the moment, BAILO wanted to go back to his roots, “No Cap,” being the result of this next personal chapter. Now with that single well over 350,000 streams and thus leading to TRAPPED OUT EP (the first edition,) we are now at TRAPPED OUT II with things only looking brighter than ever for the solo electronic artist.




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