Bakermat Interview: New Single, Upcoming Tour & More

Dutch talent Bakermat joins for an interview today and to celebrate his new release ‘Baianá’ out through Be Yourself. Bakermat has a unique blend of tropical, deep and electronic sounds together with jazz and soul elements which create his signature sound. With well over 300 million streams on just Spotify, Bakermat is no stranger to a successful record and masses of fans.

In this interview we discuss his latest release, what we can expect in the future, how growing up in The Netherlands has impacted him as an artist and more!

Your latest release; ‘Baianá’ is very unique and has some really catchy vocals. What was the production process for this and was it a struggle to find the vocal? 

It’s quite funny because I got this vocal sent to me by my brother in law. We always share world music with each other, but when I heard this one I immediately knew that I could make a great track out of it. When I have this feeling, I can usually create the track in a day. And that’s what happened! I first made a sort of intro for my shows out of it, and after many many messages from fans, I decided to make an actual release out of it as well. 

Has growing up in The Netherlands influenced your musical career?

I think so. We have a society that gives a lot of room for individuals to explore their talents. I was a student at the time I was experimenting with making my own music. I had a lot of time for this, next to studying and having a social life. I guess the pressure is not as big to attend and succeed University as it is in other countries maybe. At least for me it was! 

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? How has that influenced you?

My mom is an opera singer, and my dad used to play the horn. So basically I grew up listening to Classical, Soul and Jazz. I think you can definitely hear that in my music still. 

Who are your favourite artists at the moment? 

At the moment I’m really obsessed with LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo). They created such a new kind of sound! Totally psychedelic, but also really catchy and refreshing. I wish more producers and artists (especially in the dance genre) would take more risks and experiment a little from time to time. Calvin Harris keeps doing this as well, he is in my opinion the best Dance producer there is.

Did you have much production experience before your debut release back in 2012? 

Not at all, it was literally the first full track I ever made. I think because of that my tracks back then sounded very different from anything else. Maybe that’s the reason they stood out.

You are going to the United States again in September, what kind of tour are you doing?

Yes, I’m super excited! I’m visiting 10 cities in two weeks with my Under The Sun tour, bringing Ben Rodenburg (a live saxophone player) with me. It’s going to be a tour with a complete feelgood, classic bakermat kind of sound. 

Any upcoming projects you could tease? What are your plans for the rest of the year and what can we expect to see?

At the moment I’m finishing the videoclip for my next record. We’re still not sure when we’re releasing it! This year I’m touring a lot and I have two more tracks I will be releasing.

For the last few years you’ve had your own show during Amsterdam Dance Event where you invite artists from all over the world to play, can we expect something again this year? 

Definitely! I’m doing the same venue as last year (Jimmy Woo) where I’m inviting colleagues that I like and that have a similar sound. It’s always a great night with good vibes and happy people. Can’t wait!

Bakermat’s new single ‘Baianá’ is out now through Be Yourself


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