Bear Grillz New Single “Jah Sensi” is the Epitome of Genre Mashups

With nearly 500,000 monthly Spotify listeners and over a million streams on numerous tracks, the Colorado-based musician, Bear Grillz, steps up to the plate again with a new single “Jai Sensi.”

This bear persona musician possesses a unique blend of dubstep, future-bass, bass house, reggae, and hip hop that has since been a staple in the electronic dance music community. His debut album of 2019, ‘Demons’, showcases his talent of risk taking through cohesively fusing different genres and getting the best result possible.

“Jai Sensi” is a mashup of reggae and dubstep that still comes as a surprise to the ears. HIRIE, reggae pop Hawaiian singer/songwriter, is highlighted through her vocals that compliment the mashup of genres eloquently. Grillz never fails to create a song with multiple drops that still keep you engaged and head banging. Both drops in this single go hard with a wonderfully executed wobble along with a meticulous transition from bass back to reggae.

Be sure to check out his new single and hear it for yourself!

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