Benedict Enlists Duo Scratch Massive For Two Fresh Remixes Of “Warzone”

Being involved with music since the tender age of 5, Australian alt-pop sensation Benedict has undoubtedly been honing her craft for a long time. Launching her project last year with her acclaimed debut single “Oh Fool,” Benedict quickly burst into the scene, and kept up the momentum with “Warzone” this summer, a thoughtful and avant-garde gem produced by Dean Tuza. 

Now, the rising artist is teaming up with charismatic duo Scratch Massive to release two remixes of “Warzone,” breathing new life into the single. Known for their electronic productions and immense creativity, Scratch Massive couldn’t have given “Warzone” a better remix treatment. Their first take on it puts Benedict’s vocals on top of an energetic synthwave production, while the “Beat Remix” is undoubtedly made for the dancefloor, bringing together massive basslines and psychedelic vocals for an immersive sonic journey. 

Excited to team up with Scratch Massive, Benedict said: “You will be taken into Warzone on a whole other eclectic level through their haunting and powerful remixes. SM is a force to be reckoned with. I am so honored to have had my remixes done by such a brilliant duo.”




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