Best Five Moments from The X Factor TV Show

Seeing a person go up on stage and sing, dance, and play an instrument to the best of their ability never gets old. These experiences are even more meaningful when you see people at the start of their careers.

Whether they are teenagers discovering their love for music or older people trying to perform in public for the first time, watching them shine on The X Factor stage is truly special. Not only has the show helped create many successful musicians over the years, but it has left us with incredible moments of passion, excitement, sorrow, and joy.

Below are the best five moments from The X Factor.

1. Beyonce and Alexandra Burke Duet

When you ask anyone about their number one moment from an X Factor show, they often talk about the time when Alexandre Burke got up on the stage with Beyonce.

Burke was completely unknown at the time, but she made herself a star who was equal to the great Beyonce on that stage. She started off the song, Listen from Dreamgirls, on her own. Eventually, Beyonce got onto the stage, and the two sang the most beautiful duet for the crowd.

Such moments are the ones that people will never forget. Not every performance from The X Factor can live up to that hype, but we keep watching in the hopes of seeing the next great moment on a similar scale.

2. Little Mix Wins

Fans of The X Factor who have been watching since the beginning know that a group winning was not always a foregone conclusion. There was a long time, both in the UK and USA, when solo artists were the favorites to win The X Factor.

That was the case until Little Mix, who went on to become the first winners of The X Factor as a group. They were mentored by Tulisa throughout the show, and they went on to beat a very tough field to claim glory in that year.

People have likely heard more than one Little Mix song, but they may not realize this group got their start on the show. They were entirely unknown and came together to appear on The X Factor. Eventually, they became outstanding performers, both individually and as a group.

3. One Direction is Founded

If there is a single band that could be synonymous with the 2010s, it would be One Direction. The boy band has taken the world by storm in the same way that The Beatles did during their heyday.

While most experts would agree that One Direction may not have the same lyrical excellence as The Beatles, they have similar stage presence and charm. That is why millions of young men and women around the world adore One Direction and constantly listen to their music.

This group got their start on The X Factor, as they were mentored by the likes of Nicole Scherzinger. It was actually Scherzinger who saw each of the boys performing during their individual auditions for the show and decided they would be much better as a group.

4. Leona Lewis Shows Her Singing Chops

Another superstar singer, who is equally famous in the UK and United States, Leona Lewis, got her start in the business on The X Factor. She is now a household name and has sold millions of albums, but she was unheard of back in 2006.

Lewis starred on X Factor as a singer and dancer, showing her incredible voice, range, and choreography. She won the entire show in 2006 and did so thanks to her performance of A Moment Like This in the final.

When fans go back and rewatch that rendition from Leona Lewis, they are reminded of her natural talent and stage presence.

5. Cher Lloyd Stuns on the Stage

Another British singer who is now a household name, Cher Lloyd, got her start on The X Factor. There have been many great performers, both solo and in groups, who have wowed the judges on The X Factor’s stage. None have managed to do so in a way that surpasses Lloyd, who stunned the judges with her version of Turn My Swag On.

Between her great voice and incredible rapping abilities, Lloyd took everyone by surprise. Judge Cheryl was so impressed with her performance that she immediately took a liking to Lloyd, realizing that she had the potential to go all the way.

While she did not win the show, she did have a lot of competition that year. She came through in the same year as One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson, and Matt Cardle.

Relive the Glory of Up and Coming Musicians

To watch a singer, who already has a huge following with plenty of album sales and accolades, is fun. You may enjoy the experience even more if you are a fan or follower of that performer.

Such musical performances are great, but they do not compare to the excitement and thrill of watching relative unknowns go up on stage and own the entire show.

The X Factor is one of those television shows that never gets old, as you are constantly introduced to new performers who have never been in the limelight before.

While there are a lot of disappointing moments in such shows, especially if your favorites depart, there is a lot of joy as well. The above five moments are some of the best that The X Factor has ever produced.




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