The Best Halloween Dance Anthems with Dirtyphonics & Bossfight, plus new VIP edit of ‘Evil Inside’

It’s that time of the year again! The air gets a little crisper with wisps of chill. The leaves transform to an array of colors like a wooden chameleon. Pumpkins carved with beaming grins start to align the streets. It’s Halloween season! An exciting time for kids and adults alike.

Last year, one of the most fitting holiday tunes came from Dirtyphonics and Bossfight in the form of “Evil Inside”. The record was a roaring success filled with slithering energy and devious sound design that packed a sinister delight. Now, the collaboration is getting a VIP edit, which brings an even darker and heavier sound, intensifying the record for this year’s Halloween. It’s sure to be the perfect tantalizer for our dance music aficionados.

In honor of the VIP edit and to honor the holiday, we sat down with Dirtyphonics and Bossfight to discuss their favorite Halloween Dance Anthems.

Kill The Noise, Seven Lions – The Blood

This Bloodborne-infused psytrance/dubstep track from Kill The Noise and Seven Lions fills every criterion for a great Halloween track. Dark drops, eerie atmosphere, and haunting chord progressions. Extra spooky for those who have played the game.

Samplifire – Berserker

A really cool conceptual track from Samplifire. Heavily inspired by Vikings and their infamously violent raids. You can almost feel them tearing down your door.

Space Laces – Phone Tap

In my opinion, Space Laces is unmatched when it comes to sound design and sampling, and this track is one of his spookiest. The whole track basically feels like an amped-up 80’s horror flick.

Code:Pandorum – Forgive Us

I think any Code:Pandorum track would fit on this list. Code:Pandorum always brings loads of unsettling vibes, and this track is no exception. The music video makes the whole experience even better.

REZZ – Edge

REZZ is another master of dark, atmospheric tracks, and this modern classic could definitely be considered a staple of any Halloween mix.

Dirtyphonics – Dark Elixir

“Dark Elixir”‘s intro has Halloween written all over it! The song puts you in an uneasy atmosphere with crows and bubbling cauldrons, then into a frenetic drop before transforming again at the end to a more mysterious outro.

Noisia – Tommy’s Theme

Legendary track, one of the few dubstep tunes Noisia has released. It’s dark, precise, and stripped down. The vibe is unique and the synth sound design is most definitively out of this world!

Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King – Vantablack

Straight from the start, the alien-like “braams” and growling creatures paint the picture. Whatever mood you’re in, the pre-drop vocal says it all: Try Not To Headbang.

PhaseOne – Inevitable Outcome

PhaseOne is on fire at the moment! “Inevitable Outcome” had to be part of this list. It’s heavy, dark and the riff at the drop takes no prisoners.

Marauda x Trampa – Ruckus

Dark, heavy, menacing – this song breaks you in half!

To stream the new VIP Edit of “Evil Inside”, follow the link here or continue down.