Biicla releases Dreamy ‘Luv’ via Confession

It’s the Holiday season and soon to be end of the year. Despite the finite days remaining, we are still receiving great, new tunes. Today, an ascending sensation out of Russia has made his debut on Tchami’s Confession with a charming and dreamy affair. We’re talking about Biicla and his drop of “Luv”, an incredible record that closes out a triumphant year for the act.

2020 has been a year marked by turmoil and one that has limited artists to the creative space, far from clubs and venues. Despite that, many acts have taken advantage of the time away from the live space to record music and release new records. Biicla is one of those acts that stayed busy during these trying times and released quite a few songs, including his album No Place and a remix for Zeds Dead. It’s been quite the year for the St. Petersburg-based act and one that he can look upon fondly, especially as it has set him up for what should be an even better 2021.

His final act of the year comes in the form of “Luv”, which highlights Biicla’s impressive array of production skills as he traverses a sonic topography that is spun with charm and wonder. Comparatively speaking, “Luv” does possess similarities with “Mind”, “Deeper”, and “No Place” from his album of the same name. This is a good thing as those records all create sonic playgrounds that slither with the right amounts of unfilter emotion and pearly sound design to breathe excitement into a genre that can often get stuck chasing trends.

With “Luv”, he once again achieves a soundscape that sends barbs of electricity from its core, connecting directly with anyone who listens. The opening piano keys are nothing short of incredible and set the stage for the vocal to enter the fray. As the song bubbles with anticipation, Biicla hits you with a stirring synth line that has the right amount of distortion and one that doesn’t get caught with too much filter. This rattles through the air with a driving percussion behind it that keeps everything moving with intoxicating fervor. The breakdown comes back to the poignant vocal, which builds the emotional conflict, allowing for the secondary drop to punch through and send listeners careening to the end with insidious jubliance.

Biicla highlights why he’s built an impressive amount of buzz during a year marked by uncertainty and devastation with “Luv”. His Confession debut is nothing short of fantastic and is a perfect way to close the chapter on 2020. Moving into 2021, Biicla is an act to definitely keep an eye on.

To stream, “Luv” follow the link here or continue down.




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