Bipolar Sunshine & KINGDM Drop Vibey Summer Tune “Mexico”

British singer Bipolar Sunshine has teamed up with KINGDM for his latest pop single “Mexico.” The song’s instrumental is a simple one, with everything constructed around a single synth hook that runs throughout the entire track. Bipolar Sunshine’s unique voice shines through, replaying in listeners ears hours and even days after they turn off the music.

In December of 2018, after meeting up in Los Angeles, the two artists entered the studio for a collaborative session. They came out out with “Mexico.” Having the single under their belt for months, the duo held out until July to release the track so that it could be part of Bipolar Sunshine’s upcoming EP “Imaginarium.” Now the single is finally out, and it’s the perfect laid-back track for the summer.

Stream “Mexico” Here:




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