Birds of Tokyo Release First Album in Four Years With Human Design

Formed in Perth back in 2004, Australian band Birds of Tokyo have been releasing music for almost 15 years now, taking over the music industry one step at a time. They’re fuelled by their immense creativity as well as inspiration taken from real-life experiences, something that makes their works as authentic is it gets. They’ve released more than a handful of albums, their last being the acclaimed, 10-track record BRACE in 2016, that led to a massive tour across Australia shortly after, solidifying their place as one of Australia’s most popular contemporary rock bands. On top of all that, the 5-piece band has also made history for being the only artist in history to win “Rock Work Of The Year” on five different occasions at the massive APRA Awards, as well as having multiple of their works nominated for other awards, such as “Plans”, “Wild at Heart” and “Lanterns”. 

Now, Birds of Tokyo are gearing up for the next step in their career, releasing their 6th studio album, Human Design. Spanning 13 tracks in length, the album is one of their most stunning and vulnerable works yet,  heavily inspired from the breakup of frontman Ian Kenny’s marriage in 2017. Writing the album acted as a form of therapy for him, helping him cope as well as allowing him to channel his feelings into these songs:

“In the first instance I was just writing words to stop myself going nuts,” Kenny explained in a statement. “Creating this music with the guys in the band was really a form of free therapy that’s then played out later in public so this album is really the culmination of that whole process.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone Australia he also explained that: “I don’t think I would be in the good position I am now without having an outlet, or without having to sort of dig deep and find a way to talk about this shit through the record, so it’s been massive.”

Any listener can definitely feel the vulnerability channeled into this record, which features previously released hit singles “The Greatest Mistakes”, which acts as the introduction to Human Design, “Two of Us”, “Good Lord” and “Unbreakable”. The 7 added singles however are equally as breathtaking. “Dive” came with an impressive lyric video/game, while “Never Going Back” is an emotional outro, that perfectly rounds up the story. 




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