Black Coffee Releases All Star Album ‘Subconsciously’

South African artist Black Coffee today releases his newest album Subconsciously. The 12 piece album sees Black Coffee unite with talents such as Pharrell Williams, Diplo, Usher, David Guetta and more.

Establishing himself as one of the biggest stars of the global electronic music scene, Black Coffee‘s diverse production style has gained him recognition across the world. His penchant for production and vast musical knowledge jump-started the South African DJ scene and brought his cultural perspective to clubs and festivals around the globe.

The album perfectly showcases Black Coffee’s ability to blend amazing vocals with terrific house instrumentals. He manages to recruit commercial acts yet the tracks remain within his style.

Referncing his vision for the album, Black Coffee told The Grammy’s “When jumping into this new project, I wanted to remind the world that we’re not confined by genres. As an artist, that’s a value I hold very close to me. I create music that I can connect with, that provokes a certain emotion.”





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