Black V Neck & Afrojack Team Up On Catchy House Single ‘Oral Music’

Representing a unique corner of the tech house scene, Black V Neck have teamed up yet again with the living-legend Afrojack, to bring about a song that beautifully blends the unique aesthetics of two names. The combined efforts of their work has been titled “Oral Music.” “Oral Music,” showcases a fine-tuned balance of weirdness in the sound design while at the same time nailing catchiness in the percussion. The concept is dynamic and can easily be enjoyed in the club, the pool, or a solo vibe session.

This release comes at a perfect time where festival season is just kicking off, the upbeat energy is a fitting inclusion to the swath of announcements that naturally create huge anticipation to what the season will show. Given Black V Neck’s past history regarding DJ support, expect this one to be played out through the year – rightfully so.

“The idea of the record came about when we first met Afrojack in the studio. He loved our record ‘Mouth Music’ and wanted to have a similar vibe which led to the creation of “Oral Music.” We’ve been teasing it for awhile now, but we are happy to release this on our own label. This record is sure to stand out as it’s not your average Tech House record.”
– Black V Neck

Having started the group in 2017, Ian and Julian have always had a strong sense of independence when it comes to the mission of the alias. They aren’t about following suit, the name “Black V Neck,” being a dig at the fact that you don’t have dress a certain way to do or be apart of something great. This is an awesome message that’s refreshingly meaning of a world full of surface level materialism.






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