Blanke Drops Captivating Two-Song EP "ALT.COLOUR//VOICE IN THE MACHINE"

Mid-tempo bass music has been seeing a massive rise in popularity over the last few years thanks to new pioneers such as Rezz and 1788-L, and now Blanke is proving why he’s the one to take the genre to the next level.

Dropped via Deadbeats Records, his newest musical venture “ALT.COLOUR//VOICE IN THE MACHINE” is a two-track listening experience that shows off the young producer’s prowess for sound-design with dark bass and glitchy synth beats. Track one is bouncy and fun in its own right, with experimentations with melodies that then delve into a bass heavy drop, while track two exemplifies its name, “VOICE IN THE MACHINE,” with a masterful vocal chop and twisted drop that is one of Blanke’s darkest drops to date.

Blanke has already seen success with releases from the likes of Astralwerks, DIM MAK, Buygore, and Lowly Palace. His singles and remixes have amasses millions of streams on Spotify, and he’s used this platform to book shows at some of the world’s most premiere events, with his next being this year’s highly-anticipated Ever After Festival.

Keep up with all things Blanke and stream “ALT.COLOUR//VOICE IN THE MACHINE” below: