Blanke Drops ‘Shadow’ Ahead Of Upcoming EP

Blanke is set to release his newest EP Change & Decay 2: The Fall in September and today we got the first taste of it through his new single ‘Shadow’.

Following the themes laid out in last year’s release of the first Change & Decay EP, Blanke explores a wide range of emotions and genres, tying in themes of aggression, loss and pure ecstasy – in turn creating an emotional refuge and space of comfort.

‘Shadow’ is a flashpoint burst of energetic dance grooves, electro synths and sparkling atmosphere that raises the bar on his already incredibly high production standards.

The track’s build creates an electric atmosphere, which then climaxes into a crazy drop. The drop emits a unique sound design which is refreshing when it comes to this hard hitting electronic genre. The complextro nature of the second drop means for an insane listening experience, something that we can only imagine would be even better live.

If ‘Shadow’ is a sign of things to come in the upcoming EP, our excitement just grew ten fold!




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