Blasterjaxx Announce Details On New Album ‘Perspective’


With a quiet end to 2018, something had to be brewing at the Blasterjaxx HQ. Turns out its an album titled; ‘Perspective‘. They began producing for the album two years ago, by renting a totally different studio with “just a guitar, small studio setup, singer and a songwriter“. This album sounds like a different direction that what we’ve come to expect from Blasterjaxx. Known for their big room dance releases, Blasterjaxx may do a 180 and release a more commercial album.

We’ve heard potential album tracks, such at their collaboration with Example. If this track is anything to go by, their album is shaping up to be a highlight this year. The noted that ‘Perspective‘ would be releases in Q2 of 2019, let’s hope we get it in April.

Read their full statement via Instagram below.