Blasterjaxx Announce Details On New Album ‘Perspective’

With a quiet end to 2018, something had to be brewing at the Blasterjaxx HQ. Turns out its an album titled; ‘Perspective‘. They began producing for the album two years ago, by renting a totally different studio with “just a guitar, small studio setup, singer and a songwriter“. This album sounds like a different direction that what we’ve come to expect from Blasterjaxx. Known for their big room dance releases, Blasterjaxx may do a 180 and release a more commercial album.

We’ve heard potential album tracks, such at their collaboration with Example. If this track is anything to go by, their album is shaping up to be a highlight this year. The noted that ‘Perspective‘ would be releases in Q2 of 2019, let’s hope we get it in April.

Read their full statement via Instagram below.

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Dear friends, First of all we’re so happy we can finally announce the news that the artwork you’re seeing here above is our upcoming studio album!!! It all started two years ago while doing a studio session in a completely different setting – we rented a bungalow. It was just a guitar, small studio setup, singer and a songwriter. We had no immediate musical direction where we wanted to go. We wanted to make music that came from our hearts and was out of our box – enjoyable for the wide audience instead of just ravers. After plenty of studio sessions all over Europe, in different settings, working for weeks on one track, good days and bad days, amazing achievements and sometimes painful disappointments, we are very happy to finally able to break the silence and announce that our album ‘Perspective’ is about to drop in the 2nd quarter of 2019! Last but not least, our apologies for not releasing as much singles as we did before as well as the fact we couldn’t tease you as much as we would have liked. We hope you understand we had to keep absolute discretion about this, but we strongly believe that all the love and passion we’ve put into every single of these tracks is going to be heard and felt. MUSIC IS OUR RELIGION Love, Thom and Idir Blasterjaxx

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