Blinded Hearts Brings Together New & Old With Latest Release, “Just The Two of Us”

Blinded Hearts has released a reimagined version of a classic 80’s hit.  “Just The Two Of Us”, featuring Louise CS, is a 2019 deep house version of the 1981 track of the same name by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers.  The track establishes a calming, yet energetic feeling, building to a strong tropical drop with an electronic guitar riff.  The track also borrows from the original’s instrumentation, sampling the legendary saxophone line heard in the original. 


Released through Danish label disco:wax, the track’s quickly gained recognition by fans of new and old.  According a post to the artist’s Facebook, the inspiration for “Just The Two Of Us” struck when he was watching an episode of “King Of Queens”.  The soundtrack to the episode included the original 1981 version of the song.  Blinded Hearts couldn’t get it out of his head. He quickly teamed up with vocalist Louise CS to create a new interpretation of it.


Stream “Just The Two Of Us” Here:




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