Blinders Interview: Garrix Collab, Future Goals, Artwork Designs + More

Polish artist Blinders is smashing the game at the moment with frequent quality releases on Martin Garrix’s STMPD imprint. He has found his niche sound and really capitalising on it! He caught up with him and talked all things music! From his Garrix collab to his artwork designs – we covered it!

You released your long-awaited Martin Garrix collaboration ‘Breach’. It’s done really well so far. Are you happy with the way the track turned out?

I’m super happy.  It came so fast – we had ideas just before it was released like maybe two weeks before and we tried to do our best to finish before the release.  We did it so we are both super excited and happy, with both the track and visuals. When I made the draft of the track, I was thinking it would be like Sirene 2.0 – maybe you can tell the similarities.

What’s an average day for Blinders?  Are you residing in Poland?

I think so! For me as a music producer, waking up, drinking some coffee, going on my laptop and coming up with new music. But you do these things everywhere, or if you travel you make the time to produce on the road.

It seems like you’ve been on a hot streak with your music lately.  Every track this year has been really good. Have you changed something in your production process?

Everytime I make a new track, I try to learn something from the past productions.  When I realise something is wrong, I make sure to focus on that and always try to make my new track better than the last one.

How do you decide on the track names?

Actually it’s funny, for example the ‘Okami’ one was the idea of my girlfriend, because sometimes she does some graphic design animations for the tracks and I just asked her “how do you see the visual of the track?” Then she said “let’s do something like wolves or something” because I really wanted to keep it Asian/Japanese style for the names of everything. Because I use a lot of Japanese traditional characters, so that came with ‘Okami’ because it means wolf.

You’re artwork on the latest STMPD tracks are awesome! Do you have any input on those?

My girlfriend designs about 90 percent of it. The ‘Breach’ one was different because it was a music video, and was created by Martin Garrix’s team, but when I’m doing my solo tracks I always trust her with the designs.

You are producing a lot of harder/main room releases lately.  Could we see any more progressive house, like your ‘Golden Times’ remix?

Yes maybe I’m gonna do something like that. I’m not sure that it’s going to be 100% like the Golden Times remix but currently I’m thinking of something based on the chords on the drop.

Any new projects you want to drop a hint about?

Today I jumped in the studio with TV Noise.  We are playing together tonight so I wanted to do something to premiere our set.

What goals to you have in 2019?

I want to do as much as I can do – bigger productions and bigger collaborations. Maybe some more Garrix collabs. Me and Martin have a close relationship so we are always sending ideas and stuff. With ‘Breach’ it was a sudden idea to collaborated on the project.

Blinders latest track on STMPD is ‘Relieve‘!


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