We May Soon See a Blink-182/Chainsmokers Collaboration

Legendary rock band Blink-182 may have a collaboration in the works with an unlikely source: electronic-pop duo The Chainsmokers.  In a post to his over two hundred thousand Instagram followers Wednesday, Matt Skiba, guitarist for Blink-182, hinted at the collaboration.  The post shows him in what appears to be a studio, with his legs crossed, and notepad in lap.  The caption reads: “Writing wrongs… #chainsmokers”. 

The caption, perhaps a lyrics tease, led many to speculate on the subject of the song.  Fans were also quick to notice writing on the pad that appeared to read “a star is stillborn”.

Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen rock bands collaborate with electronic producers, Skrillex and the Doors have previously released a song together titled “Breaking a Sweat”, a Blink-182/Chainsmokers would certainly be groundbreaking.

The idea of a potential Blink-182/Chainsmokers song sent fans of both groups into a frenzy, garnering support from some, but criticism from others.  “I love blink but… The Chainsmokers? Really?”, one user commented.  Another asked: “Why does everyone flip when (Blink-182) does other stuff?.”

No matter how you feel about the collaboration, this is certainly uncharted territory for Blink-182, and the music world should surely watch this space closely.

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