Alan Artin Following String Of Solid Releases With ‘Blooming’

“Blooming,” touches the soul thanks to the craftmanship of the one and only Alan Artin. He’s doing many aspects the right way, which is refreshing compared to what you can see nowadays. Quality, integral musicianship, consistency of releases, and a brand that feels relatable are just a few of the elements that the dude is doing right.

“Blooming,” takes in different samples and instruments to pull of what it does. Violins, piano, and of course electronic all align at just the right moments to make something pure, sentimental, but joyful.

After attending a major music festival and seeing ODESZA, Alan Artin knew he wanted to make music and have influence in electronic music. A few years later and many hours of hard work put in, he’s gotten to a good spot today and has a bright future on the horizon.

“Blooming,” is well worth the listen, expect more from this artist soon.




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