BLR’s Debut Album ‘Odyssee’ Lands on AFTR:HRS

Released on Tiësto’s house imprint AFTER:HRS – BLR’s LP titled ‘Odyssee‘ is here. It features 15 tracks, 4 previously released and 11 brand new productions. AFTR:HRS’ first ever release was actually BLR’s first release, their relationship does go back.

Arguably BLR’s most successful track is ‘Taj’ together with Rave & Crave – with the video surpassing 100 million plays.

BLR’s debut album emits some excellent productions. From start to finish, the LP is a deeply rewarding listening experience. BLR delivers both soaring progressive anthems and downtempo cuts with equal prowess. ‘Odyssee’ will impress house lovers but also move past that audience into other genres. The album definitely features some unique songs and quite a sparse sound across the album.

As with many albums, there are definitely experimental tracks that you would not see as a single. These are still important to see in the album, so that a journey through the tracklist can be made.

“Odyssee started as an idea halfway 2018 when I had a few tracks ready; soon we developed this idea into something that should be bigger: an album. In the end this turned out to be a sonic showcase touching all flavors in what I see as the BLR realm. A fun and rewarding process.” BLR




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