Blue Of Colors Release Video For Emotive New Single ‘What The Hell’

With a melancholy mood matching the incoming autumn season, Blue Of Colors new single “What The Hell” is here. After reintroducing themselves to the world last month with the upbeat “Strange Place,” Blue Of Colors take a reflective turn inward on “What The Hell?,” exploring what went wrong in a past relationship with honesty and earnestness. Singer Steve Soboslai uses the chorus to simply ask, “What the hell happened to us?” It’s a straightforward and extremely poignant question that powers the song with feelings that anyone can relate to. The depth and beauty of the song is no surprise when looking at the impressive line-up of contributors. Soboslai created a parade of notable names for “What The Hell?” and it shows from start to finish. He explains in more depth:“Sure, Blue of Colors is essentially a solo project, but this song has Laurel Wain from String Machine singing backup, Paul Menotiades singing harmonies, a slick mix by my wizardly mixer John Browne, and was produced by the legendary Charlie Brand. Feels more like a supergroup to me.”

Blue of Colors work serves as a reflection on the chapters of life and their progression and flow into one another. For Soboslai himself, a former Nashville songwriter, this awakening was a return to finding inspiration in Blue of Colors and close collaboration with friends. Soboslai has leaned heavily into that creative drive with Charlie Brand of synth pop powerhouse Miniature Tigers – the pair bringing the versatility of his sound to light in stunning fashion with multiple singles now in-tow. To crown the string of newly penned tracks, Blue of Colors tapped close friends and collaborators from the Pittsburgh indie group String Machine to channel the enchanting nostalgia of Blue of Colors. Listen below and catch the official video!




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