BLVK JVCK Remakes Biggie Smalls Classic “LOOT”

To remake a classic takes courage. It opens an artist to direct comparisons and criticism, especially if the artist doesn’t have the talent to better or at least match the original. However, when an artist gets it right special things happen. One such artist has achieved just that. BLVK JVCK unleashes his prodigious talent to construct a masterful remake of the Biggie Smalls classic, “Loot”.

BLVK JVCK cut his teeth as a member of The Runners, a legendary production group known for their work with DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Rhianna, and even Justin Bieber. It was only moments ago that BLVK JVCK stepped out from the shadows to launch a ferocious sound steeped in earth rattling bass and inspiring sound design. The culmination of these elements unveils an artist that is making a mark amongst the bass music scene and dance music as a whole. It is with no surprise that his remake of “LOOT” would continue the string of hard-hitting, cutting edge sounds.

“LOOT” is definitely not the song we remember from the ’90s, but it is built from the spirit of Biggie Smalls’ original. It’s just been flipped on its head and doused in kerosene to be transformed into BLVK JVCK’s trademark “hoodstep”. There’s no better way to understand this idea than from hearing his own words. Here’s what he had to say:

I said it once, and I’m gonna say it again!!! My mission for this project is to merge the cultures …which in turn brings the people together! I represent the streets, the Bass Stages, ravers & the rail breakers!! And we demand our damn respect!!! ‘GIMME DA LOOT’”

BLVK JVCK constructs a ferocious track with skull-shattering bass, punctuating samples, and tantalizing lyricism to bring something new and fresh to the forefront of dance music. He’s definitely on his way to getting the loot.

To listen to “LOOT” scroll down or follow the link here.




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