The Newest Single From Bobby Love Is The Perfect Chill Summertime Anthem

If you’re looking for the perfect beach chillout song to kick off the warmer season, look no further. Toronto native Bobby Love has returned this week with a perfectly chill new creation “Why” featuring Olive B.

“Why” marks the second time the pair have collaborated, after previous single “New Love” which dropped back in February. “Why” maintains the same laid back vibes as “New Love”, but carries a decidedly brighter and more sunny, tropical feel. If the two tracks sound slightly similar, however, that’s no coincidence; Bobby says he utilized one of Olive B’s unused vocal lines from “New Love” and gave them a place to shine on “Why”.

“I’ve always loved the lyrics and performance of Olive B’s voice on that verse in particular, so I decided to build a new song entirely around them,” Bobby says. “There’s a certain emotion in what she’s trying to say that I felt needed to be brought to life.” After laying down guitar chords and a melody, he found he’d crafted a whole new idea. “I’ve recently been obsessed with trying to capture an organic sound while still being electronic and familiar with my previous releases,” he continues. “I feel this song really captures that.”

Bobby Love is the latest export from the ever-growing Toronto club scene. He’s made a name for himself playing at some of the city’s top venues, and he’s taken his mixing talents to a larger audience with opening slots for the likes of Hannah Wants, Wankelmut, and Danny Howard. Plus, his remixes for top artists like Felix Cartal and MiC Lowry have garnered massive acclaim. When his 2018 original mix of “Still” featuring Ben Stevenson achieved viral success, it became clear that Bobby Love is set to become the next big thing.

Stream “Why” below and keep up with all things Bobby Love.




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