Bonobo & TEED Dazzle with B-side, ‘6000 Ft.’ and BBC Radio 1 Mix

Two fabled acts collide to deliver a stunning B-side. Bonobo and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs are easily two of the most creative and talented producers. They have woven together many incredible tracks over the past decade and sit at the upper echelons of artists who build swaths of sounds that breathe intense beauty. At the end of October, the pair revealed their collaboration “Heartbreak”, which marked the debut of Bonobo’s new label OUTLIER — in partnership with indie darlings Ninja Tune — and set the stage for the completion of their 12″ EP. Now, the duo has released the final and B-side to their collaborative work with “6000 Ft.”.

The debut from Bonobo and TEED came in the form of the 12″ titular track “Heartbreak”, opening a door to explore historical electronic tones that have played pivotal roles in both acts’ music. The breakbeat-driven draws inspiration from New York’s Disco scene while sprinkling in textures that are reminiscent of the 90s rave scene. Throughout the record is a ringing sample of Christine Wiltshire’s iconic vocal line “I can’t take the heartbreak” from the ‘83 disco anthem “Weekend” by Class Action. While there is something quite old school or nostalgic to the record, Bonobo and TEED bring forward a modern styling that is truly remarkable and highlights the ingenuity of both acts. Overall, the record is a euphoric synthesis and is destined to explode a rave in gleeful exuberance.

To complete the 12″, the duo has released “6000 Ft.”, which flips the sound to bring listeners to an ethereal realm where sounds collide with a kaleidoscope-like effect. The underlying melody is absolutely mesmerizing and is the right tone, texture, and synth that it chargers straight into listeners’ brains, pulling them into the emotion of the record. Bonobo and TEED surround that melody with the right amount of layers with sounds that prickle with intrigue and elegance. The backbone of the record is a percussive section built by hi-hats and a steady kick. It’s rather simplistic, but it does enough to drive the song forward with a steady groove, allowing the beauty of the sound design to envelope the listener with its blooming allurement. “6000 Ft.” is easily one of my favorite songs of the year.

In the lead up to the drop of “6000 Ft.” and the official release of the 12″, Bonobo and TEED combined to bring us a new BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. The two-hour mix sends listeners on an incredible journey across a galactic-like electronic experience. The duo spin a marvelous sound that highlights their strengths as not only producers but as DJs and performers. It’s well worth the listen, even if it will make you sad that you won’t be able to catch them live with the current state of affairs.

Bonobo and TEED have proven time and time again that they are masters of constructing spellbinding productions unlike most out there. It comes as no surprise that their talents have combined to produce a 12″ masterpiece with songs that have depth and richness. Hopefully “Heartbreak” is just the beginnings of their collaborative work because they have truly blessed us with a gem.

To stream “Heartbreak”, continue down or follow the link here. You can also purchase the 12″ by following the link here. To stream, the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix continue down or follow the link here.





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