Boomerang Makes History, Earning A Spot In The World’s Top 100 Clubs, Despite Only Being Open Officially For 4 Months

Boasting a massive and experienced lineup of resident DJs, as well as a lengthy and impressive backstory, club Boomerang in Hong Kong has been open for less than a year, yet has already landed on DJ Mag’s prestigious Top 100 Clubs list, at number 98. The buzzing nightclub opened back in Halloween of 2020, before quickly being forced to shut down due to public health reasons and a newly enforced lockdown. Now however, it has its sights set high, aiming to start booking international DJs once borders fully reopen, and truly cement its place as a staple of Hong Kong nightlife. 

According to DJ Mag, the nightclub replaced a long-standing Hard Rock Cafe in central Hong Kong and completely renovated the space under the guidance of Deejaykarlie, a local female icon within the Hong Kong music scene. Deejaykarlie had gathered lots of diverse influences from her years-long experience traveling the world and visiting international clubs, so Boomerang would without a doubt not be what it is today without her precious input. The true vision for what Boomerang could become, however, came from John Rana, the owner of Privé Group, who is also known as the “Asian Clubbing Dragon.” With more than 15 years of experience in Hong Kong’s nightlife scene, and drawing on past successes like Bungalow, Levels, Privé and Privé Nepal, he has served as the catalyst for Boomerang’s massive success. 

There is no doubt that Boomerang is one of the most exciting new clubs in Asia and is carefully crafting an A-tier experience that is bound to impress locals and tourists alike. With its recent partnership with Rememberasia – one of Asia’s most renowned artist management companies and agencies – Boomerang has gained access to pioneering artists such as iLtik, Yaman and Krayon, who make up some of the club’s resident DJs. With a placement on DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs so early in its trajectory, it’s not a far stretch to claim that the sky’s the limit for Boomerang. 

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