Borgeous Lets Loose On Lethal “Lights Out” EP

Borgeous is ready to embark on a new endeavor as he delivers fans his latest “Lights Out” EP. The high-energy 4-track project will display the producers’ musical versatility as he dives into the darker roots of bass music. Ditching the traditional approach to releasing, Borgeous has decided to push forward a project showcasing the harsher bits and sounds that echo from his live sets of today. Erasing what you know of Borgeous from the past, this EP speaks volumes on his diverse talent and knack as a performer.

“I usually put a lot of focus on music with crossover appeal, but I’ve always loved playing out the hard stuff in my sets. So I decided to make an EP of records that I get excited to play out and put into my live edits.” Said Borgeous on the project.

The super-charged ‘Everybody’ cuts through the speakers with razor-edged synths, pitched vocals and jagged drop cycles, immediately raising the energy levels to fever pitch. ‘Bad Boi’ sticks to a quick, steppy tempo, coming in heavy on the percussion alongside that booming bassline. Track three tracks the form of ‘Runnin’, layering in searching vocals alongside an anthemic mesh of dubstep and big room house elements that burst from the speakers. Borgeous uses ‘Another Day’ as the EP’s climax, harnessing driving builds and full-throttle riffs throughout.






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