BOSA Teams Up With Eligh And MonsterLuna On Groovy House Anthem ‘Howl At The Moon’

Clutching onto the blossoming evolution of today’s EDM scene, BOSA is one of LA’s most talented producers. Formerly known as Stephan Jacobs, this groundbreaking artist has a mixed bag of musical expertise. He is extremely well-versed in mastering and audio engineering, while being able to play a variety of instruments. Additionally, he works as a playback engineer for hip-hop’s biggest performers, such as A$AP Rocky. Bridging his multicultural instrumentation with addictive melodies of electronica, BOSA delivers a soothing organic style to his dedicated followers.

As a result of his captivating stage presence and seamless mixing abilities, BOSA has blessed the giant crowds of Burning Man, Coachella, Van’s Warped Tour, and more. Adding another mesmerizing single to his festival-ready arsenal, BOSA has joined forces with Eligh and MonsterLuna on their new single “Howl At The Moon”. Speaking on the euphoric hit, BOSA states, “I loved making this track and how it came together, from just an impromptu jam session at my studio, into so much more. Getting connected to Eligh through my homie Ooah (of The Glitch Mob) was the cherry on top because I was literally thinking he would be great on the track and then it came to fruition. Amazing how the universe works. I experimented with some new techniques in this track that I feel took it over the edge to make it become something really special.”

Released on the prominent label Music Is 4 Lovers, “Howl At The Moon” is fueled by chilling vocals from MonsterLuna and invigorating rap lyrics via Eligh. These two elements of the song complement BOSA’s one-of-a-kind soundscapes. BOSA does a sensational job of layering the vocals with penetrating drums and a dance-provoking bassline. The track is a precursor to the arrival of BOSA’s first official NFT collection called Wayha, set to drop on January 3rd, 2023. Overflowing with a positive and blissful aura, “Howl At The Moon” is the perfect anticipation builder for BOSA’s big plans next year.





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