BOSA Releases Alluring Music Video And Digital NFT Collection With New Single, ‘Wayha’

Stemming from the renowned playback engineer Stephan Jacobs, BOSA is an organic house project with many infectious qualities. Influenced by a variety of cultures and spiritual entities, BOSA represents an auditory fusion between primal and futuristic sounds. This blend creates a sense of balance and an organic vibe in every one of BOSA’s tracks. Also a talented DJ, BOSA has showcased his mixing abilities at renowned festivals, such as Burning Man, Coachella, and Vans Warped Tour.

Pushing the limits of his artistic vision, BOSA’s presents his newest single “Wayha”. The project encompasses a thrilling visual NFT experience as well as an entrancing music video by Axon Genesis. “Wayha” and the music video share a strong bond with each other, both giving off a tropical and soothing vibe to their audience. Throughout “Wayha”, ancestral tribal chants are joined by heavy tribal drums and natural wildlife sounds. Meanwhile, the video depicts a bright red and yellow bird soaring majestically across a colorful fantasy island.

On top of the song and music video, fashion is included eby style innovator Emily Kravitz, also known as Roxy Contin. Additionally, BOSA has partnered with Klezma, a Web3 music platform, to interact with his followers. Forged by gifted artist and developer Axon Genesis, the “Wayha” Collection features one-of-a-kind NFT art, giving their holders access to BOSA’s immersive live set launch party in Los Angeles. Anyone who has a “Wayha” NFT will also be entered for chances to virtually meet BOSA or partake in a studio masterclass with him. Furthermore, BOSA’s supporters unlock more rewards on Klezma’s platform. Goodies include: earning a VIP Access by being one of the first 100 followers of BOSA, being a first collector, or completing bounties.




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