Get lost in the Groove with Botnek’s “Gamma Jack”

In times of bleakness, music has always and will always serve as the perfect antidote. The oscillation of sounds and the thump of rhythm dance within our minds, lifting our souls from our bodies to send them cascading through a new world of sonic fortune. Botnek’s “Gamma Jack” is this fortuitous sound as they unveil an unrelenting grooviness that conjures gleeful emotions and serves as our antidote breaking the despair that a global pandemic brings.

The duo from Novascotia have been a consistent force in the dance music scene. They have always brought an intriguing sound filled with wackiness and surly energy to our eardrums. It’s no wonder that their newest tune continues their long streak of trailblazing house-laced dance music.

Aptly named “Gamma Jack”, it erupts radioactive energy that oozes into listeners. Once there, the sonic energy envelopes the soul and entrances listeners into toe-tapping, dancing puppets of Botnek. In other terms, “Gamma Jack” is an absolutely delightful house track that releases an unwavering, insatiable sound built for those that like to get down and groove on the dancefloor.

Prior to release, “Gamma Jack” has been a common sound amongst the many Botnek performances. The duo has used it as a coup de grâce in their sets and were often asked, “what’s that wacky track with the trumpets?”. It’s a testament to the artistry and talent of Botnek that they were able to generate such buzz without officially dropping the tune.

To better understand Botnek’s artistry, sound, and “Gamma Jack”, they provided CULTR with this exclusive quote:

“Gamma Jack” is one of those records we held onto for a while. People have always described our “sound”, but what that was, was never always obvious to us.  We just made what we liked, and we like so many varieties of house music, but because we had this sound that people were talking about, we were cautious not to veer outside of that lane.  We used to validate it by saying things like “Hey, if all of a sudden McDonald’s only sold salads, wouldn’t you be pissed??”  

But to be honest, there was a point earlier this year, where Botnek had officially been a project for 10 years, and we were creatively hitting a crossroads. We were getting tired of repeating ourselves. We’re both now in our 30’s, and realizing we don’t need to play it safe and let people’s expectations still define us.  So, originally “Gamma Jack” was never supposed to come out, we made it for fun, and for years felt it “wasn’t Botnek enough”.  But people loved it in our sets! So hey, maybe it’s time for this burger joint to start introducing some greens on the menu.

Whatever the Botnek sound is, our new mantra is “if we like it, it’s Botnek.”  Well, unless it’s Metalcore or something, but I dunno, I fuckin love Metalcore…”

If you’re in need of an energizing, soul pick-me-up, I highly suggest playing “Gamma Jack”. You’ll instantly be lost in the delectable grooviness. The perfect distracter in times of bleakness.

To stream “Gamma Jack” scroll down or follow the link here.




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