Get Funky with the release of Breakbot’s ‘Translight”

The mystifying purveyor of icy cool nu-disco has returned. Today, Breakbot released the final act of his Be Mine Tonight EP, released on the iconic Ed Banger Records, known for Justice, Sebastian, Cassius, and many more. He reminds fans that for the ultimate groovy experience look no further. His release of “Translight” follows the release of the EP’s titular track and the captivating Lockdown Boogie mix, which helped to ease the sadness brought from the canceling of his Spring tour due to the on-going Pandemic. As is the case with all the music and sounds Breakbot releases, “Translight” is another phenomenal record that will bring joy to all that acquaint themselves with its gooey vibrance.

The French producer extraordinaire is no stranger to decadent funk and jolly melodies. His first act brought us “Baby I’m Yours“, a widely successful tune that has graced mixes and sets aplenty, especially those that want to unleash a raucous dancefloor. Surprisingly, the song even sprang its own meme perpetrated by Eric Wareheim of the famed Tim and Eric. It’s with that success that Breakbot has gone on to be the ultimate disco and french house artist.

Most recently and in prior months, Breakbot has returned to the forefront on the back of “Be Mine Tonight” and its kaleidoscope of color anime music video. It features the vocals of Delafleur who is the perfect muse to affix the record to a wave of soul that envelopes the listener with a rush of joy. It’s not surprising that it became the lynchpin to a Chanel ad campaign featuring superstar Pharrell, American actress Margaret Qualley, Belgian pop singer Angèle, French actress Isabelle Adjani and French singer Sébastien Tellier.

Breakbot triumphantly closes the EP with “Translight” and its spectacle of a groove. The rich synth work and deep driving bass construct a mood and emotional pull that serves as a dancefloor ignitor. Moreover, the lack of a vocal is an intelligent decision to allow the groove to breathe a fiery pulse that will get the mightiest of feet to toe-tap with glee. It’s undeniably boisterous disco fun and I can’t get enough of it.

With the on-going chaos in the world, we are in the need of brilliant tunes, especially those that create the insatiable need to dance and let loose. Thankfully, Breakbot has returned with Be Mine Tonight and its finale “Translight”. Warm your soul now by following the link here or continue scrolling.




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